Wednesday, October 24, 2001

I think I'm understanding why music helps children's minds develop. Watching my youngest daughter grow, I see how the wiring of her brain is keenly related to the music she has been listening to since she was born. In order for us to get any kind of funding, we need to demonstrate and detail direct results showing the unmusical how and why music is beneficial, physically and spiritually.

The blanket statement that music aids in child development is not enough, even for me, to want to put money down. With some research and published record of music's affect on the wiring of the brain, this area could blow wide open. I'm not hearing this from those in the 'business' of supporting music--they are busy trying to make a buck. I see artists saying music has uncanny power on our brains and souls, but no concrete evidence on how and why this is so. So off I go to look up some stuff on this--more later.


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