Wednesday, June 05, 2002

Okay, so I was typing and accidentally pressed the escape button and destroyed my entire blog for the day...I betcha Jeneane doesn't have problems like this when she writes... or does she? She can type, talk, reprimand, and a bunch of other stuff at the same time! I don't know how she does it. Being away from her always helps me to appreciate her more and more. And now my biggest fear is staring me in the face. Jealousy has always been a factor with me. I've tried to keep her to myself for so long and now everyone else knows the kind of wonderful woman she is. The secrets out. But, really, I've been nurturing this very intense woman telling her not to be afraid to roar like the lion that she is. She even has a mane like a lion. That was one of the attributes that caught my eye when I first saw her. My very first thought when I saw her was ' That girl is hurting. She looks likeshe is going through some kind of anguish'. Then she sat with her friend to watch our band perform. She looked at with a look of ' Boy, I know what you're thinking and I can read every thought in your pea brain. You ain't nothin...' She tells me years later that she was looking at me with love in her eyes. You figure this one out. I've met my match. Thank goodness! I starting to get tired of the typical bar room harlot with one thing on her mind; Fullfill my physical needs then get out of my sight preferably before daylight so I can go back to being an independant woman on my own as... if you didn't help me through my loneliness in this cruel world for a night.. fucking cowards...but I digress...Ex-wife- did you read that you jive, useless, STILL self serving wench...

Sorry about that. I've been drinknig scotch tonight, trying to get through another night playing to other scotch indulgers [sp? forgive me Mary]. Playing some lame ass shit tunes half of the time. The other times we tread close to greatness...or maybe it's the scotch...


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