Tuesday, May 13, 2003

Hey Guys...
Are they playing Mcdonnas´(Billions Served) American Life or whatever the fuck they call it as much in the States as they do here in Germany? I have heard of heavy rotation ( and even experienced it for a nano-second) but I think it can be called perpetual rotation or maybe nonstop assault. I´m sitting in my favorite (cheapest) internet cafe and the help is even singing this stupid song!

Shame on you Madonna! You are the tool of the very industry and classic system that you were once angry at. Or is it because you didn´t get a fair piece of it (like the rest of us) at the time of you ascension that you were angry? I guess we all want to be paid for showing our ass figuratively and in most cases, literally. Okay, you are now a hard working mother trying to stay afloat but, please don't consider yourself an artist.

I remember seeing the movie Truth Or Dare and Madonna was being closely watched by the Canadian police for lude acts on stage. She was complaining about how this was her self-expression and part of her 'show'. For me you could express milk and it would have more meaning but, that´s just me. What am I saying here? We're just trying to make a living in this Material World.

Oh shize, it's a Madonna fest here in the café. Like a Prayer is playing. I thought I had found a cultural paradise but, it's just another wasteland. I've got nowhere to go. I am so out of here...


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