Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Different Tunes...Okay, I'll talk about music

Hundreds of Radio Stations in Payola Probe scream the headlines.
I was at the peak of my recording career when this happened in the late 1980's. The results of that particular 'house cleaning' resulted in a lot of independant labels getting their products on the charts.
The playing field was made level for indies that didn't have the deep corporate ahem, um, 'connections' the majors had so there were a bunch of new acts as well as name acts[no longer the sweetheart of a major] on indy labels that got through the door and received some airplay. [I'm inviting any music industry folks out there to kindly correct me about any of this stuff like payola].

So based on what happened in the late 80's I predict a slight shift in the current musical trends and within the next six months you'll hear different tunes and see different 'players' getting their 15 minutes. Then a year from that time expect business as usual after the correct palms have been greased and everyone plays nice-nice until the next batch of politicians have nothing better to do...but I digress.
-- I hope it's for the better.
Hmmm, the timing might be perfect for Sly Stone...


At 4:00 AM, Blogger DeanLand said...

Promotion people will not change the playlists -- particularly when the big co's seek only blockbuster hits, and drop artists like hot potatoes. There are very few legacy sales artists anymore.

The indies work for the bigs, they are the back-door and side-door tacticians.

If you are talking about indie music getting a better shot at airplay . . .sadly, this is not likely on terrestrial radio. Due more to the corporate programming than anything else . . .these are not creative tyopes, or the kind of programmers who migh thave "an ear." No, these are people who follow the standard lead and stray not from the straight and narrow.

Maybe, George, we should Skype about this. I could go on for hours.

At 2:15 PM, Blogger george said...

Hi Dean
Please give me a call on Skype the number is

At 9:13 AM, Anonymous bmo said...

I hope you two recorded the damn skype call. You didn't, did you? You didn't. Did you? Ohhhhh...

At 1:52 PM, Blogger DeanLand said...

Well, actually we spoke for so long and on so many topics that neither of us had the hard drive space to contain the mp3!!


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