Thursday, June 06, 2002

I'm getting ready for work and I happen by Boingboing for the first time in weeks [thanks to Bag & Baggage for reminding me of those guys as well as linking to me...] and saw this perfect link about a NYC 'higher education' Learning Annex. Some dorks would say this is an easy task . Just ask' How much'. DISCLAIMER!! But that would be a sick, reckless, stupid, disrespectful thing to say to any woman [or man] not only of Asian descent but on the planet earth.

Now let me put the situation in context...there are 98% working girls at some places I perform at. Do not talk to or even nod in their direction because these women will automatically think it's hook-up time. My next installment will relate my own experience of innocently saying hello to the clientel...[If I don't explain this before the end of the day, Jeneane will be sure to telepathically have my nuts crushed!] Talk to you in about six hours...


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