Sunday, November 10, 2002

Ian Johnson, regional spokesman for the National Farmers' Union, said "It has always been widely accepted that some people are susceptible to sheep dips."
"While some people can happily use it and are fine, others are susceptible."
I personally have seen the affects of chemicals in the workplace. Now, I know what you are thinking; 'he's a musician. ' Ok, not those chemicals. But the type that are in carpet cleaning supplies, for example, tend to drain your energy. Ah, yes, the miracle of cleaning fluids. When I was in Hong Kong, the geniuses decided to redo the whole floor where the mere entertainers lived [at the Grand Hyatt]. My partner in the band had a major alergic reaction to the various shelacs and paints and pesticides they were using. Mild hysteria, paranoia, breathing problems, etc. He wound up going home in place of me. I stayed and a week later these guys were working on my section of the same floor. To make a long blogging longer [can I say that?] a couple of us had and still have problems with fumes that permeated our rooms, nostrils and lungs. It was kind of like speed with a slight hallucinogenic quality to it -- not that I would even have a concept of such things.
I guess I'm trying to create an awareness to those in the workplace that simple chemicals will mess with your brain. And stop wondering why you keep getting sick. Somebody out there already knows why you are getting sick but, it just wouldn't be right to put companies out of business for what is regarded as a minor intrusion on your health.


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