Wednesday, July 09, 2003

Disclaimer: THIS COMMENTARY IS INTENDED FOR ENTERTAIMENT PURPOSES ONLY!! The Owners of this blog are not responsible for any emotional/physical reaction that might spring forth from this post

WOW! What a Delight! Now, I get postings in triplicate. THANKS BLOGGER! But, really, how is everyone doing today? I am in a very aggressive mode these days. It must be the season where my patience wears thin and I am ready to rumble with the next haughty, non-website posting, neoconservative asshole from upstate new york who pushes the wrong buttons and reminds me why I will never raise a family up there again! First of all, you fucker, YOU are NOT the standard. You're fourfathers (yes four fathers- Betsy Ross was a whore) set this country up for the type of mind-set you spew.

I'm ranting only because RageBoy said it is in the bloggers' nature to come out and spit fire when provoked. So, here it is. Blame him for defining the use of this great forum we call Internet.
You get an instant gratification from flaming someone or something to wacking off over some semi-ugly picture of someone selling lust...but, I digress. I think my medications are kicking in...


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