Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Howdy! Just a Rant...You may want to skip this entry...
Well, I'm here in the States. Traveled around the world this past year to come back and get a speeding ticket. Don't cha loves it?! Call me a target (or paranoid). I'm going to start selling shirts with targets on 'em to anyone who felt they were unjustly treated by the pawns in blue (did I say that? Yeah, I did. So, come get me motherfu***s!)
This reminds me of the time when I was getting parking tickets left and right and my car being towed away when I went to get help for a flat tire. And yes, I had left a detailed note on the vehicle explaining my situation. Not only was the car towed but ticketed as well. No mercy. NONE! A couple of days later I was performing at the Black Policmen's Ball and on break I stood in front of the stage, calling out for a ficticious bandmember "Tom...Oh, Tom..." I was surprised I didn't get the snot beaten out of me that night but, I was so angry at the lack of mercy.

What I notice most about being here in Atlanta is people just don't know how to treat other people. No kindness is shown too often especially the men. Just a bunch of coldness. I'm sick of it! I say hello to someone right in their face and, there's no response, just a blank stare. Fine! Just go ahead and be uncaring, unfeeling and STUPID.

I'm going to bed...I'm so tired of a lot of energy level is way down...I don't feel like doing anything these days...My mother just had another heartattack and I'm a little more than worried...I keep thinking if I let this wave of badness blow over, it'll better in a day or two...I got abrupt with my Baby daughter today...I sounded like my mother..boy did I hate daughter got over it quicker than I did...but really I'm supersensitive to things like that and I'd rather die than to subject my daughter to that kind of wasn't yelling, it was tone...I would rather beat my own self with a stick than to use that disgusting tone whilst (whilst?) talking to my daughter...UHG!...Okay, I'm really tired now...I might even sleep before 4am...I've been on my all night vigels again...It's like I'm guarding the house all night...I forgot the term for this...Goodnight.


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