Tuesday, August 12, 2003

C-O-N spiracy

Web Worm Attacks Windows, Spreads Fast -Experts
(Reuters) - An Internet worm that takes advantage of a recently discovered, widespread security hole in Microsoft Corp.'s Windows software emerged around the United States on Monday, crashing systems and spreading to vulnerable computers, security experts said. The worm, dubbed LoveSan, Blaster, or MSBlaster, exploits a vulnerability in the Distributed Component Object service that is hosted by a Remote Procedure Call feature in Windows 2000 and Windows XP that lets computers share files, among other activities
. Hmmmmmmm,?

Sounds to me if filesharing can't be stopped, some strange organization would pay someone to send out a computer virus or worm to foil, or better yet discover who's sharing files consistently. Think about it and give me your theories on why something so random/specific would be happening in a 'random' worm or virus. Sounds like a test to me but, hey, I am the master of speculation...


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