Monday, November 08, 2004

Great! I spend half a year thinking about being 45 and now I'm 45 1/2!
Remind me to keep moving forward, will you please!? LOL! but seriously...

Saw the Ray Charles movie last put me back a few steps in my trauma recovery because the story nailed it for me. It shows the truth about how an artist can be effected by childhood trauma and how we utilize the not so healthy coping mechanisms to get through life at the expense of not only our own mental/emotional/spiritual health but at the expense of others.
At the very end of the movie, if you haven't wept yet, you will. As they role credits Ray does a version of 'Georgia' that still echos in my minds ear. The bastard knows how to reach you. On the bridge of Georgia, Ray goes into a rubato that yanks the tears out of your eyes...I am totally devastated as I hear it in my head...
If you ever wanted to understand what makes an artist tick, SEE THIS MOVIE!!!


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