Sunday, June 23, 2002

So, here I am again..
A bunch of stuff this week in my observations. The world cup events seem to be enjoyed by all people everywhere except maybe the US. Here is a sport that anyone [and everyone including my youngest offspring] can play and enjoy. This evens the playing field of humanity [maybe] and brings together people all over the world. So why doesn't the US push it like Monday night football? Probably because they cannot control it. But don't worry America, after seeing Senegal losing to Turkey by just hanging out at the goal and letting the opposing team place the winning kick through a hole big enough for a Mack truck, I think this pre-planned event shows potential for US investors. Yes, we can control this game too.. Just buy out the goalie and we'll be able to shift things the we want them. No shit!
Don't mind me. I guess I'm experiencing globalisation.
As people, we are the same. I sat in the cafeteria watching futbol side by side with Asian men and women, making the same sounds we make when we watch football in the states, laughing at the various teams from around the globe trying to sing their national anthems in tune, watching them forget lyrics, same as any US sporting event, I mean, folks for heavens sake! We are all basically the same around the world except the words have been changed...


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