Monday, July 08, 2002

I'm sitting in the F&B office...
[could be called F'n'B which used to stand for f*****g b**** but actually means Food and Beverage] quickly typing overhearing the chefs talk about who double ordered the beluga cavier. There's about four different languages flying about- Cantonese, French, German, English occasionally, talk about feeling left out! This is great because you still feel what they are talking about. Someone fucked up. Because 50% of my hearing has been destroyed over the last three months, I have to find innovative ways to understand what people are saying. I just ran into the brilliant bassist from the Brazilian band that plays downstairs from our band. He speaks Portugese and French only but, we understand each other perfectly. We do alternate sets so, when I'm running upstairs to get to my job I get to hear his band play and immediately I am humbled. I wish our band had that kind of musicality! They come up to hear us-and we kinda suck- maybe getting pointers from our singer who has mastered the art of holding the attention of the audience all night. She's an awesome singer,too. Gotta go! They just found a jar of cavier in my briefcase! LATER


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