Tuesday, November 19, 2002

James Coburn One Of My Favorite Actors Whilst Growing up...
has passed away. When I was in Hong Kong, I would have the Fashion TV channel on [for the music -- what did you think?] for background noise and, on occasion,I would actually watch. [Earlier blogs tell how I feel about that scene. If you find it I'll send you a reward. No, really! I looked into my archives and couldn't find my commentary on Fascist TV.] Anyway one five minute installment was emphasising Hollywood celebs' fashion [at the Oscars?], and as each one made the walk into the venue, their name would be flashed under the screen. James Coburn was the last celebrity and the name below him was Lee Marvin. Once again, you frickkin' work all your life and some idiot somewhere gets your frickkin' name wrong. No respect! Go figure...Ya know, as long as the people that mattered in my life remember me, that would mean the most to me...


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