Tuesday, November 12, 2002

We Found RAGEBOY'S Baby Picture!!!!!!!!!
I've decided to call for a temporary cease-fire with Massa Rage who is turning Double Nickels today. Ya know ya jus gotta take it easy on these ol' folk. You know, when the whipping hand develops arthritis, the shoulder doesn't take the weight of the body when you try to get a 'lil' bit' in missionary position oh, but, wait! I have called for a truce on this occasion so I will stop before the bullets start flying. NOW ABOUT THE PICTURE:
After we made several calls to upstate New York we had our 'gang' rounded up and put into action to find Uncle Rage's baby picture. Our homies busted down doors of family members, old buddy's places and even old girlfriends apartments. On a tip, given by an infamous
heart surgeon we shook down,we called Jonathan to go back to Nick Tahou's and fish around in the garbage. Not only did he find a garbage plate, he found ---he found---he found---YES! He found the RageBoy's baby pic!! And without further ado... HAPPY B DAY, MUTHUFUKA!!!!!!!!


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