Sunday, December 29, 2002

After Jeneane and I watched a very intense, mind blowing movie last night, we were treated to the light hearted antics of the musical 'Seven Brides foe Seven Brothers.' We tuned in just in time to catch the absurd phrase:
Bless Yore Beautiful Hide

It was so absurd to me, I made Jeneane put a part of the sound file on here. I've included the words too. We have been ROFLMASO all day...

Bless yore beautiful hide
Wherever you may be
We ain't met yet but I'm a'willin' to bet
You're the gal for me

Bless yore beautiful hide
You're just as good as lost
I don't know your name but I'm a'stakin' my claim
Lest yore eyes is crossed

Oh, I'd swap my gun 'n' I'd swap my mule
Though whoever took it would be one big fool
Or pay yore way through cookin' school
If'n you would say "I do"

Bless yore beautiful hide
Prepare to bend yore knee
And take that vow 'cause I'm a'telling you now
You're the gal for me

Pretty and trim but kinda slim
Heavenly eyes, but oh that size
She's gotta be right, to be the bride for me
Bless yore beautiful hide
Wherever you may be

Pretty and trim but not too slim
Heavenly eyes, and just the right size
Simple and sweet - and sassy as can be
Bless her beautiful hide
Yes, she's the girl for me


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