Monday, December 16, 2002

Kick Her Again, Mommy!

I told you guys to stop your shit, didn't I? So, I go to Jeneane's blog and lo & behold there is her comments section filled with people trying to shame her, at least that's what they're trying to do.

Honey, why are these people pissing on your blog?
The last thing I saw Bics write was on the Human's First blog pissing and moaning. I'm looking at myself right now...did my mother raise me to piss and moan when she was covertly and overtly abusing me. I don't think she much cared what she was raising half the time because she was too angry at my father. My mom's a man hater from way back so I have a nose for men who were raised in a one parent family where the mother's bitterness affects the son[s] she is raising. I'm still on the journey of healing and part of the process is to undo what my mother continues to do to her sons and grandsons. It's traumatic what parents do to their children--especially mothers to sons.

How do we inherit stupidity...let's see: The father screws up, the mother is hurt and the kids get mis-used, dumped on and abused. In my case it was get back time and 'whoever looks more like my ex-husband is going to be my personal dumping ground and punching bag.' I don't think some mothers realize they are doing this to their children! So I guess it is all the father's fault, huh? Okay, I'm being a jerk but my point is I do speak from experience.

We all have our moments and I suppose some of us have our years...


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