Wednesday, February 05, 2003

This could be "the longest suicide note in history..." From an ABC Exec

Somehow, I still feel really bad for Micheal Jackson.

If you listen to his singing voice, his mature soulful phrasing when he was a youngster, you can hear the pain of a stolen childhood. You just can't attain that kind of artistry without sacrificing something.

That's one of the reasons Jenna Bean Cadence Sessum [yes, that's her full legal name] is not going to be pushed into a business that I know could be detrimental to her adult life.

However, the other day I reaized that the 'industry' might not be ready for her...

The other day I was asking Jenna to finish a task and get ready to go out. After the millionth time I asked her, I stood up from the couch and raised my voice and said, 'Alright! That's it! We are not going anywhere! Now go to your room.' In turn Jenna stood up and started sparring [sp, Mary? LOL---inside joke] like a boxer in front of me and, I swear to Rudy, she said, 'C'mon! You want a piece of me?' I ran upstairs and hid in the bathroom, laughing hysterically...I just couldn't believe it!


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