Friday, January 31, 2003

Was it John Gilgeud [forgive my spelling] who said,'Who is the most precious child in the world? All children!'

At first the answer may seem obvious but do you automatically think universally? Do you think of all humans. [I think we in the States are being taught to follow base human traits.

You know, the we're #1 syndrone. Or is it me? Is my thinking a screwed up? You tell me, while these assholes talk about others less than dogs while they preach war, hide their sick agendas from the world, WTF?!...but , I digress.]

When hearing this, it really made sense. It's all precious. We started off as children, didn't we.

Perfect grids waiting for someone to draw the chart of a path for life...right or wrong, a chart nontheless. This chart will be the journey that most of our parents think we should take.

And who should have a better clue than our own biological parentile units. Then we observe where are parents are and where we want to go and look at the chart and perhaps change the direction.
For some, this could be the best thing that could have been done and for others, parents actually had enough insight to send us in the right direction [My mother wanted me to be a concert pianist. I agree with her on that one].


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