Saturday, February 01, 2003

A very Interesting Evening for me

So I check my other email account with a fine tooth comb tonight, and I forgot about this letter from a fellow Jaco Pastorius fan and collector:

I just came across you page regarding your encounter with Jaco. Sounds great. I have a Jaco site where I collect stories about Jaco. Its at It would be great if you could send me your story and I could post it there.

I might be a little oversensitive about expressing myself about one of my 'heros' or even sharing stories and some music that he and I made together because of his estate...his widow and his children. I know how Jeneane could be about her father's music and I wonder about my daughter's feelings once I leave this earth. But I also knew through the grapevine that Jaco's family are very cool about this sort of thing. So I explained this to the collector and he said,"In fact Jaco's wife Ingrid is the one who sent me to your site and suggested I contact you!" Wow! What a beautiful thing. I am honoured.

Ingrid, I hope I can come to Jaco's 52nd Birthday on December1st!!!!

Can you believe I was an awe-struck 24yr old punk?


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