Wednesday, May 28, 2003

OK, I, [whoever I is) being of unsound mind and body and acting like the 1950's clincal paranoid man of color, have to show the injustices against other peoples of color for a minute since I do have first hand experience in being such. Don't get me wrong, I am not denying my non-black downtrodden brethren but, please, look at these examples of public humiliation and shaming:

I'm recalling some thing that occurred a couple of years ago when James Brown had volunteered to speak at a woman's rights organizational meeting and they being ever so happy to tell him no. Now, hear me out. The man isn't the first person to come to mind when talking about the 'proper' treatment of women [or band mates for that matter...I speak from experience] but, come on! If these women had any kind of wisdom they would have used the opportunity to hear what he had to say and then shame him if he was that far off. Or, what exactly is their agenda. Not change, just some more hatred dumping. Invite the 'enemy' into the camp and study him. Oh well, they blew a great oppotunity...

Here is what I am leading to:

Ike Turner Barred From Playing Japan Blues Festival

TOKYO (MAY 22) -- Blues legend Ike Turner was forced to pull out of a series of concerts in Japan on Thursday after immigration officials refused him entry at Osaka airport citing a U.S. conviction for drug possession.

The Blues Hall of Famer had been denied a visa in the United States at the last moment after originally being told he would be issued one, Alan Sywer of Turner's management said from Los Angeles.

According to immigration officials, Turner was refused entry because of a 1989 conviction for cocaine possession in the United States for which he served time in prison. However, Walton pointed out that Turner had played in Japan several times since his conviction, adding that other musicians with drug records, such as Mick Jagger and Paul McCartney, have been given exemptions for past drug-related offenses.[You remember when McCartney's band Wings were to play Japan and they found weed on him. Actually, Linda was carrying it and Paul took the blame. The end of that band. After Wings, I was going to start a band with Paul's drummer but, he was such a mess at the time, I gave up. Anywho...]

"This is a great pity. He (Turner) already stopped using not only cocaine and any other drugs, but also cigarettes and coffee. Japan has missed out on the chance to present people with a role model of someone who has turned their life around," Walton said. [Now don't jump to conclusions or jump on me: Tina Turner herself has admitted that the two of them had problems together and if you saw the movie, you would find that the one sidedness isn't fair to Ike; and I am not making excuses for Ike's abuse of Tina but a mkan can change. I suppose if he were of the majority, he would;ve had enough power to white wash the situation. Isn't that what the rich do? Ah, yes!!! The key point! No one is going to let a man turn his life around so, why should he. You bastards make me sick! All of you...GEORGE...Isn't it time for your medicine, George?
Why...uh, er...Yes!

'Til next time...


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