Saturday, March 13, 2004

HEY! Are You Guys Following This One...

Suicide Not Ruled Out in Prosecutor Death

By BRIAN WITTE, Associated Press Writer

BALTIMORE - Investigators are exploring the possibility that the stabbing death of a federal prosecutor in December was a random act of violence or even a suicide, a police official said Friday.

Steven McDaniel, troop commander for the Pennsylvania State Police, said at a news conference that investigators are looking at every possible scenario in the death of Jonathan Luna, a 38-year-old assistant U.S. attorney.

Luna's body was found face-down in a creek near Lancaster, Pa., on Dec. 4. The married father of two had been stabbed 36 times with what was believed to be a penknife and was left to drown. His car was found idling nearby.

Let me think...if one were to commit suicide I guess one would stab oneself 36 times with a penknife! I remember back in the the day when this was called A HIT! But that's just me.


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