Friday, December 26, 2003

Twas the day after christmas...Nawwwww...If you handed me $50,000, I promise I won't ask for another thing...ever!...nawwwwww...I awoke the other day and realized that my death prayer hadn't come to be...nawww...

This has been my brain the past week. Scary, huh...

Kids, when on any kind of medication and you are required to up the dosage, do it gradually and do NOT over do it. K? It wasn't by much. Just enough for me to tilt the world into a bad place for a second but, I'm back! It's not the first time I've been on a rollercoaster's just that I'm older and can't rebound with the resiliency I once posessed or maybe I'm just more aware...hmmm...I'm doing okay now AND I think I've figured out some major problems I've been having with this life! It's good...It's real good. Time to go and think for a minute...or a day or two...

til next time


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