Saturday, April 10, 2004

Hi Folks!<BR>
Well, I'm still here and once in a great while, I'll actually blog something.

I've played music in many different situations for many different events. I need to write a book and include this evenings adventure.

We performed at a donut factory. I tried to mentally prepare myself for this evenings events because I knew; I would be drooling like Homer Simpson over the fresh hot donuts floating by me during our performance.

Playing in bars where alcohol flows freely isn't a temptation. Playing near a rather large donut spewing machine is a temptation! If there wasn't a plate glass window separating me from the Hot Doughnut Spewing Machine I could see myself diving into the large vat of glaze naked I tell you.

I was instructed to bring back a couple of donuts for Jenna. I did not...I brought her Three DOZEN! DO YOU HEAR ME? THREE DOZEN...

There will be enough for her in the morning...I am going into a diabetic shock now...will write more if I can get rid of this incessant shaking...okay, stomach hurts donut...


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