Wednesday, July 20, 2005

I'm actually answering emails of people inquiring about my brief encounter with Jaco Pastorius [and an audio tape tape of us playing together with Kenwood Dennard on electronic drums].

Thomas from Austria writes [edited]

Dear Mr. Sessum,

Doing a web search for Jaco Pastorius I found out about your weblog and
really enjoyed reading your thoughts on Jaco Pastorius. Thanks very much
for sharing this. Bummer that the "Jaco on congas" didn't work out.

I was just thinking about that the other day, when Jaco offered to play congas on my tune. That whole experience gets replayed in my mind especially the significance of this man making such an offer. I've gone through many changes thinking about Jaco and the price that is paid for being of prodigious talent. I've often wondered if it is worth it...
I've known others with that intense gift and more often times than not, their lives end up in tragedy. There is a pattern with most prodigies that needs to be documented and analyzed and shown to the general public [especially here in the States, because of the abundance of linear thinking...]

I will post an audio snippet of that encounter very shortly...


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