Friday, January 13, 2006

George...It's only 1000tags...

I guess you could say I had too much coffee today...
One of my readers had this to say about the 1000tags concept:

menzies said...
A very interesting concept - it's the milliondollarhomepage meets tagging. Still, I can't see this being as effective as tagging on sites such as Flickr and Rogue Connect. I don't think tagging has a financial viability in the form of a webpage completely devoted to it. It's not just interesting enough to behold. Implemented into another site, however, it's probably more viable.
5:20 PM

If we could clone you I'm sure you'd be, without a doubt, correct. But that's the beauty of variables and opinions; like the stock market [and Las Vegas], the internet is fickle and a hypothesis is as close as we can get to predicting the future of any given concept.
Who knew rock'n'roll was going to last...who knew 'rap' was going to last? Truth be said, concerning business, if we understood the wants and needs of every individual in the masses, you and I would be trillionaires!
We've learned from the last web goldrush that being first on something new will pay off [providing we get out before it crashes or, in some cases, hang in there for the long haul]. If it doesn't pay off, I won't lose my shirt...this time.

[Thanks Menzies for writing!]


At 10:44 PM, Blogger menzies said...

Haha, if you could clone me I'd be damn correct ;)

I think that 1000tags isn't going to fail with visitors because it just isn't as interesting to look at.

I think it will still get it's fair share of visitors, as a result of word of mouth, but really needs to work on the whole 'black and grey' colour scheme they have happening.

In my original post I mentioned rogue Connect tagging, they've got yellow, red, blue, grey and white going on and it's that much more interesting to look at. 1000 tags needs jazzing up!

At 12:24 AM, Anonymous tagterms said...

if you think that 1000tags is an interesting concept, have you looked at yet? the world's first tag based search engine/directory

launched about a week after 1000tags, tagterms puts a whole new twist on the idea of using tag clouds as a UI to present data to the end user.

check out the FAQ ( for details

At 7:52 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You should check out The Golden RSS Feed


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