Wednesday, February 08, 2006

I Don't Usually Talk About Household Dissension

...but I just have to. You see earlier today, Jeneane told me about the results of a federally funded 8 year study on woman 50 to 79 yrs [to the tune of $415 MILLION] that concluded that a low fat diet won't have an effect in stopping cancer or heart disease [ALLIED by Jeneane Sessum: Mini-Size Me]. So she concludes she can eat anything she wants as long as it's a reasonable amount.
50 to 79 years of age.
Hmmm...the brain says. I'm thinking by the time we're 50, what we put in our bodies in the past pretty much establishes what our health will be and we could have declining health if we're not doing battle against a sedentary lifestyle which, according to another study, causes more deaths than smoking. So the key might be to keep active. But we knew this!...well, I knew this...[I might not be doing this...let's not talk about that...okay, I need a personal trainer...volunteers welcome...]
I'm thinking this study was a waste of lives and money. Maybe they should have tests going on for the 18 to 45 range to see if a low fat diet will avert problems when women are 50 to 79. Or maybe adapting some Eastern medicine methods. What? The AMA? Bite your brain for having such a thought!


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