Tuesday, September 24, 2002

Well, I made it through customs and arrived to another check point with x-ray and feds runnin' the whole show. It was just wonderful to come back to the country I was born in and have other 'Mercans' treat me like I was picked out of a line up for whatever crime and treated like a piece of dog excrement! It was such a beautiful thing. When you are treated better just about any other place in the world, why the fuck did I come back?
To my in-laws: I remember you guys in a drunken state [any given night] this time it was 4 of July. Mother-in law came out with a birthday cake singing happy birthday to America, and saying Love it or Leave it. I thought I was going to puke! By the way you guys, Go Fuck Yourselves! Stay the hell away from my family!!! I would tell you in person but I don't want you within 100 feet from me or my family. You are so patriotic but can"t even show your love for your own flesh and blood let alone your own nieghbors. So, Fuck You, okay? I feel like my whole world has gone to shit! BUT... it hasn't!!! We're OK!! We are still here, DAMN IT!!!!! WE ARE STILL HERE!!!!


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