Monday, September 02, 2002

I leave the planet for a couple of weeks and Üncle RageBoy gets into a writing frenzy. Your welcöme!
Hello...Yes I am trying to write you all from an altered (non `'Mercan) keyboard. 'Z' is now 'Y' and versa visa and there are dots over everything!! I'm in Hamburg trying to get it together but seams keep popping open! My mind has been altered without doing a damn thing. Is this residual stuff or did I never come down from a trip someone else cleverly put me on. Regardless, I feel better just writing and trying to reach out. Just letting everybody know, I'm entering a new state of depression: Nö matter where I go in this world I'm öbserving reoccurring themes except the language is German: radio with music that sounds like it came straight from the states, talk shows concerning whirled peas, baby wipes, traffic signals...the SAME!! Ficken Mcdonalds is across the street from this internet cafe but wait! there is a big banner above the Golden Arches that says sheitsa...offering Congo chicken sticks! WOW...Now that's differnet!! When I get back to Atlanta I expect to see McNager... (I've registered the name already so DON'T get any ideas all you ficken plagiarists) in BIG lights!


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