Sunday, July 28, 2002

Have I been home three weeks?
Today I started feeling my old self. Do international travelers get this feeling of confusion when they go to home base? Thank you to all of the owners of the shoulders I've been crying on since returning Atlanta. I still don't like being here but tonight there was a glimmer of hope. We went to Chuck E. Cheese's. Here is some drunken bafoon's article concerning his experience at CEC's.
There is a beautiful common bond parents can share with one another and that bond is their progeny. It is truly a thing of beauty to behold so many people who decided to take the chance of procreating and sacrifice a considerable amount of freedom [mental and emotional freedom, especially]. Could this be the world uniting bond that we'e been looking for? As I write this blog, these thoughts start to occur in my pea brain.
While CEC's I met other fathers from different parts of the world, who were taking care of their sons and daughters mental/emotional needs and I thought how wonderful. Should we film this because it truly is a positive event. Wouldn't that be something to hear on the 6 o'clock news:Men and Women from all walks of life achieve unity through nurturing their children together in a public place.
Oh yeah, me and a couple of fathers found a pay day at one of the games. We didn't cheat at the game; I just knew how to angle the mechanism. Between the three of us we won around 5000 tickets. Hey folks, unity pays off, too!


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