Monday, December 09, 2002

and today, I awoke with anger...
To all who I might offend today, please forgive me. [That means you, too Jeneane but, you already know of how I can be at times. I don't deal with death very well and so instead of depression, anger has been my retaliation to balance the sadness. I used to express it in my music but I have lost my voice many years ago when my instruments were stolen [I must admit].
I think any feeling, thinking human is going to suffer from a post traumatic stress disorder
When I grieve, all the feelings of any type of sadness or tragedy I've experienced comes rushing in on me like cold air so, I battle it with the heat of anger. My doctor says I have to learn how to let those other things out and grieve so I may heal...

OK, now I'm sad...


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