Saturday, December 07, 2002

Car Accident Claims Bob Berg at age 51
I am deeply saddened...I just got the news this evening. Great saxophonist, gone. I first heard him with Miles and then I saw him playing in NYC. I have a worn out bootleg tape of Bob Berg playing his heart out with Miles' band in the mid 80's. I must have played his solo over and over a thousand times, studying the elements of what made his solo so very special. I even tried incorporating some of his discoveries into my own playing. Bob was working with RageBoys' brother, Joe Locke in Seattle December 1.
I didnt even know we shared the same passion for fishing. The next time I would see him, I was going to give him a copy of the tape that had made my year on the road more tolerable [just in case he never heard it]. I am playing it for you now, Bob...


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