Wednesday, March 12, 2003

George: Grow your penis safely and naturally ...

This was in my email today. I know the majority of us receive these notices on a daily basis but, I decided to actually read the email to find out just how could I grow my penis safely and natually. Much to my dismay, I found this in the actual message:

Low 30 Year Fixed Rate Mortgage!
Let lenders compete for your business!
Interest rates are at their lowest point in 40 years! We help you find the best rate for your situation by matching your needs with hundreds of lenders! Home Improvement, Refinance, Second Mortgage, Home Equity Loans,and More!
Even with less than perfect credit!
Click Here for a Free Low Rate Quote

Now, tell me; what does this have to do with growing my penis safely and naturally? I guess studies have proven that males can be sexually aroused with any kind of exciting news. I know this for a fact: By the time I read 'Even with less than perfect credit', I was rock hard!!!

how absurd...


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