Monday, March 10, 2003

I Remember When It Was 'Ban the Bomb'

Someone at corporate is sitting high above the Theater District, gazing down on the picketeers, scratching their chin and repeating, 'Virtual Pit Orchestra...Virtual Pit Orchestra...', like it's their new mantra, scheming for the next time the shows' producers want to cut corners and the musicians get out of line and pull this kind of 'non-sense' [how dare they deprive US of music!]. It's going to happen, I predict in the near future where live music will only be available for very special occasions like. wars and for the wealthy.

It's already happening!!! And the few making the bulk of the money are already doing just that. I really don't want to go into a rant but, technically The Virtual Pit Orchestra is a heartbeat away.

It will take some skill to build but, in the long run it will eliminate uppity musicians [who are already scraping up a living in NYC] and the show will go on [that's where the otherwise dormant AFof M comes in handy. NYC & LA unions are most other parts of the country, the musician union locals are a f*****g joke! Boy do I have some stories!!!]

Why bother learning an instument when you can push a button in whatever new gadget that's out there and have instant gratification.

I see the children of today not getting their brains wired correctly because they didn't develop the skill, to whatever degree, to play a musical instrument.

Ya know, we don't want every child to be the next vurtuoso [but that would be nice, too] we want well rounded young adults who understand the concept of what it takes to play an instrument by playing one!!!


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