Monday, June 16, 2003

My Blog! My Blog!!! What hapened to may Blog???? I've been Blogged!!! Help! Somebody Blogged me! Blog Me? NO! Blog You!! BLOG YOU!!!

This is what happens when you blog from a dial-up computer: You are led to a different 'page' where the 'slow' compĆ¼ters go, with a different grid and everything. So, you write your blog as you normally do and press Post. Cool! Then you press Publish. Not so cool. What happens is a delay and dots go across the screen saying 'You've blogged a lot of non-sense and this will take a really, really long time to publish. So, you wait...and wait.....and wait and decide to go to the previous page. Okay, everything is still there so you press publish again and wait... and wait.......wait some more and like the genius that I am (ask my brother James about genius) I go back to the post page, find everything intact and press publish once again. So, how did you guys like that special effect I produced in quad?

Thanks to Jeneane for bailing my buttocks out once again....


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