Monday, August 04, 2003

Okay, so I have this theory; When we were created, the varieties of personalities and physical appearence weren't so much limited because a lack of ideas but, limited to a few personality types/looks so that wherever we go in the world and whoever we meet, the observer could immediately figure out what 'type' of person they were dealing with.
Let me clarify myself with this observation;
In Hamburg, Germany, there is quite a blend of folks here; the natives, of course and immigrants from everywhere...Turkish folks being the largest non native population. Besides other non-German Europeans, there are folks from Africa, South America, China and yes, a few Ex-Pats.
What almost made me fall off my internet café chair this morning was the sighting of the Turkish Kramer. On the sidewalk in front of the café there is some major digging going on that makes simply walking here fairly treacherous (ah, yes! the shrill sound of a saw against concrete has just sonically invaded my being...maybe some dust in the eyes...yeah, definitely...Wonderful!!!) Anyway, I hear this screech from a bike and in the entranceway I see the Turkish Kramer spasing (is this a word?), falling off his bike (still standing, mind you). Can you see it? He has a cast on his right arm (why is he riding a bike?) and in Kramer fashion, he turns and starts cursing the construction workers, EXACTLY the way Kramer would have on Seinfeld. He even had the same hair and facial structure!! I jive you not!
I think when I was in Hong Kong I might have seen the Malaysian version of Elaine.
I've got it! We'll do an International version of Seinfeld but I'll play Seinfeld- not George...I'm off to work on the script...


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