Monday, October 13, 2003

So we started a discussion board about one of my favorite electric bassists around 3 years ago" and, on September 20th, I recieved this email:

To whom it may concern

You are hosting a message board/forum where there has been an illegal posting.

It is a message that names and falsely points out journalists, artists and other persons in Sweden as
pedofiles,prostitutes, zionists, etc.

This has been reported this to the Swedish police.

Since you are responsible for the messages posted on your board I strongly suggest that you remove this from
your website and, more importantly, in the future do not publish posts or messages that you have not read through before publishing on your site.

The message was found on this URL:

If you are able to retrieve the IP-address for the posting, do not hesitate to report back to us.

HUH? Is this a joke or is this legit? Maybe you guys could give me some advice on what to do. Should I be prepared to dodge bullets? Please send help...


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