Monday, November 03, 2003


Monkeys Terrorize India Workers, Tourists

According to AP news, monkey gangs in India want a piece of the outsourcing action and are threatening to continue the terrorization of office workers until their monkey demands are met. In New Delhi there are 5000 monkey gang members and their leader (Imo Qikyourbut) pictured above, has stated that if American companies want to have cheap labour, the Rhesus macaques should've been considered. "We'll work for peanuts...and bananas," said Qikyourbut. "The rainforest is decreasing so there is no where else to go except into town. We just want our piece of the action." IBM hasn't replied but Qikyourbut promises his gang is relentless and won't stop harassing workers or tourist until they can have at least one computer keyboard to play with.


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