Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Hi Everybody
I've been told that I NEED to blog. I've been meaning to, believe me! Reading Yahoo News takes up alot of my time. Just look at some of these headlines:

In the News 6:38pm, Wed Dec 21
• Senate blocks oil drilling in Alaska refuge [Those bastards! Who needs a refuge?!]
• Jail threat ups ante for NYC union leaders [Now, you KNOW this isn't the AFofM putting their neck on the line...]
• Annan slams media, outlines U.N. goals [Let's have some fun and play word twist with this: Annan outlines media goals to slam UN...]
• Court ruling won't stop evolution row - experts
• New gov't center to focus on bioterror threats [This is great news! You guys can start with the AIDS virus, k?]
• Abbas' aides talk of postponing elections [I didn't know ABBA had that kind of political power, did you?]
• Christmas supplies headed to space station [Even the supplies got disgusted with the commercialism and decided to un-ass the earth...]
• 3 stabbed at Notorious B.I.G. record party [Now tell the truth: what would a rapper's CD release party be if there wasn't a stabbing, huh?]
Dow +0.3% · Nasdaq +0.4% Stock Quotes: You lost your investment. Jump like it's 1929...


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