Saturday, March 04, 2006

Bits of Wisdom...

from other creative people can definitely help carry me through another week of not performing.
It's a drag being dorment. I tend to go silent with my writing and as well as verbal communication because I am silent in my music. Basically, I get into a foul mood because [Jeneane has just interrupted my train of I'm really in a foul mode...!] my expression is stifled, know what I'm mean?
It's as if I'm bound and gagged because I don't have my hands on an instrument performimg [not practicing, even though that helps a lot].
I'll stop there because I just read what Jennifer Warnes has to say about frustration in this business of music. here's a bit of a teaser:
If you are finding it difficult to bloom in this time of change, let me encourage you with a story from my own life:I've been listening to my library of unreleased recordings, the ones rejected by labels in the 80's and 90's. What I hear in these old recordings makes me smile. Some are gems and some are not gems, but the music is in full bloom.When something blooms, there isn't much additional comment needed.


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