Thursday, July 11, 2002

5 Star Hotel Accomodations aren't always what their cracked up to be...So, I'm trying to get some sleep and a serious vapor that would rival a mid 70's Manhatten bathhouse [not that I would personally know about things like that] permeates my room. My eyes burning, I can't breath really, and I'm getting slightly high. Out in the hallway there are workers wearing masks, spraying, painting, varnishing or whatever the fuck they're doing with liquid chemicals. I called, nobody came. I called someone else - they had no authority to open my windows. Huh?

In the old days, a major fit would have been thrown by me and it may have cost somebody else money but I'm not the out of control intense artist I used to be. I tell the bandleader, I tell band mates to come to my floor and check out the chemical factory. After rehearsal and by time I get people back to my floor, the stench has subsided. But it's still bad to my visitors. All the workers are gone. I go to my room and the stench is more than tolerable. OK...kewl. I save corporate face.

I wake the next day and it smells like someone has sprayed my bed with acetone. My eyes burning, I get dressed and leave. You have GOT to be kidding me. I'm in such a chemical stupor that I don't even care. I'm out of here in a few days. I show up late for work that night with an attitude. I I grab the bass and start playing in the middle of the current song. My statement in this extreme case is this. I asked for help. Nobody took care of me, so, now you too will be inconvenienced.

People started caring when I no longer cared. Phone calls came later that night telling me to move to another room. I say the stench is gone. I made it through. The next day the stench is back. This time I smile and say I give up. You got me. This is corporate life. The squeeky wheel gets the grease. Apparently, I didn't squeek loud enough and gave up too soon. I just don't care. We're a corporation; no time to pick up a fellow worker. Simply walk around the fallen and stay on task, You company man !


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