Tuesday, July 23, 2002

High Everybody
Well, today I got my energy back , I got Jenna off of my back, I just got a one-way ticket to Kenya for my mom's au par to send her back, I've got pain in my lower back, a couple of nights ago our blog phone ran out of juice in the middle of a conversation with Uncle RageBoy so, I had to call him back, oh, nevermind... So, jenna is watching me type and starts singing a song about 'Dada, let me use the puter to go to PBS Kids online'. Yes, I do feel guilty but, she has to practice her piano for her lesson tonight. Never thought I'd see the day when I would have a computer savvy child fighting to get on the puter. this was bound to happen especially with a mom like Jeneane...Jenna is i the living discovering new drawing methods with her crayons...My blood sugar level is starting to get screwy, dizziness is hitting me...I was going somewhere with this but, I'm lost. Am I getting idle again? I don't like this feeling! I think I need to play some music but getting any decent paying gig is not that easy. If I put my energies into performing in town here, I might get a job once in a while. If I put my energies into an International effort, I could wind up with the same thing on a grander scale...I'm hungry. Maybe I'll remember what I wanted to say... Oh Yeah!!!! Hello to all the Bloggers and thanks for creating a sense of community!!!!


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