Monday, July 15, 2002

Well, I'm stuck at the HK airport standing at an internet kiosk when a young Asian woman starts beating the crap out of one of the computers and screaming then crying. In my totally sucker days I would have been over to her in a flash but self preservation kicks in and says be cautious. Self preservation sounds a lot like Jeneane. She has shown me how to be careful when my heart says go to the person in distress. So, I'm acting like my wife and child are here but, they are not here needing my protection; they are home. But what happens if something happens to me in the process of helping distressed Asian woman? I'm brought out of my train of thought when the young woman looks at me and pleads saying 'Help me!!! Ok, what do you need? Her friend is dying in London, the airport may have sent her to the wrong gate and she is so flustered she forgets how to use the computer. So I help her type to another friend in London telling him she's on her way and will find her own way to the hospitol. She thanks me, I tell her to breath deep and to put her shoes on. She doesn't. She throws them into her baggage cart and speeds away with a very gracious thank you to me. Jeneane, I gaurded my stuff but I was able to help her out without it screwing me up. I'm learning...


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