Wednesday, October 23, 2002

Youth is wasted on the young
So true...sigh. I remember when I was 18 and real stupid. Young, dumb and full of...well you know the rest. Man, we broke some hearts. In more ways than one. I remember the older experienced musicians marveling at my technique. Some would shake their heads awe, some were elated. The rest would look at this kinetic energy and say that this young fool plays a lot of notes and ain't sayin a thing. I totaly agree with them recaping where I've been the last 30 years. Most of these musicians were quite understanding because they took the time to guide me. And..I did listen. And I still hear them. Now
I have no choice but to make each musical statement count because physically I'm having your typical over 40's problems where the facilities just aren't what they used to be BUT the beauty of that is the fact taht I hear so much now. I will probably devote my practice time to composing [practice time?] After playing six nights a week for four months in Hong Kong, I do see a ray of hope for my physical prowess returning, though. but other factors come into play [like having time to practice hard, which I occaisionally do]. When you play live consistently, an energy happens when you are driven by the audience to do things that you would not normally do at practice. These days it's harder and harder to find places to play let alone what you want to play. It's usually music for the masses, mind you, I want nothing more but to entertain any audience but let me get off once in awhile would you PLEASE! Sorry about the ranting. I think I am going to go record my version of Hendrixs' 'Manic Depression' because I can -heehee I'll post it when I finish it, OK?


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