Thursday, March 30, 2006

Okay...I'm swamped...

My favorite description of being overloaded with stuff to do;
I'm busier than a one legged man in an a** kicking contest. It is a terrible saying but, it's crazy around here.
I guess I've been going through a little separation anxiety as well. After SXSW, there was the let down period when one has to readjust to not being around hoards of people with alot to say. Their input stimulates my brain and then...silence. When I do theatre, I go through it in a big way,. At the end of a run, I get sad so to avoid it I pack my 'goodies' and leave the theatre as quickly as possible. It might come from being left alone alot when I was a kid.
The emptiness of sitting in an empty house was too much for my brain at an early age. It really did something to me in my development...what, I don't quite know exactly but, maybe it's the abandonment issues I've had and how I respond to any relationship with anyone.
Ah, yes, abandonment. I can associate rejection with that as well. Loneliness is another part of thins feeling, even when one is in a crowd of people. Depression is a helluva thing.
I guess I'll go read now...


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