Friday, March 10, 2006

Pre-SXSW Stuff

So the anxieties of travel, crowds and stuff is catching up to me the day before we go to the BIG show in Austin.
It would have been nice to get their a day sooner to get acclimated but a very important awards ceremony and dinner for our superstar basketball playing daughter, Jenna is happening Saturday...and speaking of basketball..
When Jenna and I were out playing basketball yesterday, I didn't realize how aggressive she can be; even talking smack about her old man's technique! Saying stuff like 'Are trying to let me win or something?' As a kid, I never had a desire to play ball. I guess I was a late bloomer because while the kids were playing ball, I was playing on one of many instruments I had at my disposal. Now I see what I was missing...
I'm very proud of Jenna because she starting out with the healthy balance I couldn't have at her age...
So we're out there playing ball and she's right in my face trying to steal the ball, I go to break away from her just as she leaps forward. My finger is jammed and I look at her she is holding her head.
Homer says DOH!
I look to see what happened and ask her if she's alright. No scratch. I tell her games over and we need to go in to check head for damage. She grabs the ball out of my hands and makes another basket! She's something else and keeps playing. She doesn't care cause she's winning this game then I see her eyebrow. I little droplet of blood...GREAT! I say game is OVER!
The irony is that I have the same mark on my eyebrow from walking [full body force actually...okay, it was a running leap to get back onto a very tall stage and my head got in the way] into a speaker cabinet hanging from the ceiling on stage. So now, we match...Hell of a way to start a trip.
Jenna calls herself a tomboy. Now she'll look like one. Hmmmmm, doesn't Muhammed Ali's daughter box professionally?


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