Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Hello To Everyone At SXSW Interactive

It was a blast meeting so many of these online personalities. When I read these blogs now, I'll be able to actually hear their voices and see their mannerisms, making it a much more fulfilling experience.
Hmmm, maybe video-podcasting will happen sooner I mean, why not have the total experience of a person since we are already talking to the world. Technology is here right now! I guess we're waiting for someone else to implement it, make it user friendly and inexpensive[not to mention getting DSL for everyone!]
Well, until then I will get typing...
First it was a blast doing the panels. Thanks to our moderator and conceptualist Lisa Williams and Julie Leung our fellow panelists:
Chris Pirillo and Ponzi Indharasophang
Heather Powazek Champ and Derek Powazek

I saw Tony Pierce all over the place! Well, it was a Buzznet party...
Finally met Doc Searls! I really needed to see Doc and RageBoy together in the same place to prove that they are indeed NOT the same person. And speaking of UncleRage, he got snowed in well, his flight got snowed in before it got to CO. We missed you, Bro...
I'm bummed I didn't get a chance to hang with Jory DesJardins but I did hang for a moment with Liz Henry [Liz, rest assured, I was laughing with you!!!] and of course talking to my twin Tish G. I can best describe her as someone who was watching the same parade of life I saw except from across the street and we're able to laugh about the stuff that happened from our vantage points.
I can't possibly forget George Kelly and again I am bummed we didn't have a sit down and I completely missed BWB. But hey, I know the plan: we're supposed to spread out and infiltrate society. DOH! I've said too much...
I know I've missed a few folks tonight but I'llwork on this tomorrow. Besides, I'm getting giddy...


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