Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Ah Yes, GM

I've been tempted to talk about an ordeal we had with GM ten years ago but, it was trauma that I wanted to forget. This was a nightmare for me and Jeneane could probably relate the different angles better than I could because I was so far inside of the nightmare, I can't remember or don't want to.
It's about a brand new car I bought from GM and the flaws this particular POS possessed. It's about a dealer who had been beaten down on a price and got his revenge by sticking me with not only said POS but a high interest rate car loan that would make any person with a credit rating of 750 say 'What the f...?'
This POS vehicle I had purchased had a design flaw:it would hydroplane at the drop of a hat. I complained to the dealer and he told me to put a bag of cement on the floor of the front passenger side. I would have thought this totally absurd if I hadn't already done this!
Have you ever been blown off of a highway by passing trucks? I was blown off the road to the shoulder a couple of times...not a pleasant feeling.
The dealer or GM would not take this POS back no matter how hard we tried.
The POS is no longer with us in a coincidence that only a higher power could make happen...THAT was an amazing story in itself.

Tonight I see that GM announces an agreement to sell a majority stake in GMAC for $14B to help bail them out of their situation. A couple of images come to mind.


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