Sunday, April 23, 2006

Tired, tired, tired

Just checking in to say hello to you folks out there.
I'm trying to build a business with trusted folks and I'm exhausted. Even the littlest thing is taken to heart when you really believe in something and hope your partners feel the same. You try not to read too much into the minor descensions that will naturally arise when you have many personalities involved and you press forward with your team's common goal to achieve success.
It's all new to me, this understanding of group dynamics. I thought I knew it all and had all of the answers. At least that's what my family of origin made me believe. I hold the high control, authoritarian cult I was born into responsible for the anomalies that I've carried most of my life.
It's a new day for me. It's been a five year journey to arrive to the conclusions I've come to.
At some point I hope to be less cryptic about my last few years and speak up about some lifelong nonsense I've endured that was contrary to what was pure and natural.
At some point I will go into my explanation and be done with it for good but, tonight I'm tired...


At 8:32 AM, Anonymous n/a said...

I was a member of that cult too. I just sent you an email to your yahoo account with more details. Looks like we live about 3 hours apart.


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