Wednesday, August 07, 2002

If RageBoy doesn't blog for a week, then I don't have to neither...
Something Jenna said to me this morning shot me into the past for an ironic reason to chuckle. When i was around 14 yrs old I was talking to an older [30ish?] man about [for lack of a better term] race relations. He told me he didn't like most 'naggres' but I was a good nagger. My mouth dropped open and I say 'What?.' "You're one of those good naggers." I say, "How so?" He proceeds to tell me about what makes a good nagger. I was so amazed by this man's ignorence [sp? sorry Mary] that I just started laughing while this man tried to explain. How could I hate this, really?
This morning I'm getting Jenna someting to eat. She wants to watch me crack the hard boiled eggs for her. I slam the egg down and roll the shell off in one swift motion. She looks on in amazement and says to me, " Wow Daddy! You're a good cracker."