Friday, February 28, 2003

I just made the mistake of writing Blogger. It was one of the best things I have ever written called Corporate Assassins - and now it's gone. Son of a B****!!!!!!!! Other bloggers have warned me but, I forgot to start it in Notepad but, I was wrapped up in the moment and had forgotten my surroundings...imperfect software, suck ass computer. I am tired. Maybe it will come back and THIS time I'll have Notpad up on the screen. This makes me want to SCREAM!!!!!!!! I'll get back to you...I need to regroup...

Thursday, February 27, 2003

I'll miss you, Fred Rogers...

I remember seeing you on Johnny Carson's Tonight Show and saw how hemocked you in front of your face! The crowd laughed at Johnny's antics while he tried to mock and shame you. You are the gentle in gentleman and I would watch your show whenever I could.

Later on in my young adulthood, some of us grew angry with you because you made us sensitive, feeling men and the young women thought we were such wimps and the jocks in the world bowled over us because we were different. I was angry with you for a minute because people turned out to be rude, malicious and hateful and we felt betrayed.

We were betrayed by a sick society and not by you. I'm sorry. We will remember your genuine kindness and teach our children the same lessons. I promise!

And when I see you on the other side, you'll have things you'll want to talk about. I will too.

Bye, Neighbor...

I'm Back!!!
A not so great time was had by all in DC. I arrived just in time to be greeted by the snow Storm of the Century and had a reminder of why I left the not-so-great Northeast in the first place but I am safe and so are all those involved...

Let me recap briefly, the determination surrounding this recording project my partners and had to get this done:

The country was put on Orange Alert.

No problem. That didn't stop us.

The Storm of the Century hit.

No problem. We shoveled and continued to rehearse.

The overly domineering [nothing wrong with a little domination] pscyco-bitch wife of the drummer started some nonsense causing the drummer to make like a French pastry and baguette.

Problem. Big problem! We pressed on and tried to salvage the wasted week and actually found a great replacement but, it's difficult to cover six months of work that quickly [like, no notice] with a brand new drummer who hasn't had a chance to study the concept let alone rehearse the compositions. What a long, strange trip it has been...